25 Business Ideas For Men In India In 2023

Entrepreneurship is booming in India, with many opportunities popping up every day. The internet has opened up a world of opportunities for men, and many are taking advantage of them.

But the truth is that there are still many men looking for a source of income but don't know what to do. We've created this list of 25 ideas for businesses you can start today for those men. Some of them are great ways to make money from home, while others will let you work from anywhere in the world.

1. Plumbing Services

The plumbing business is lucrative as most people at home cannot manage or repair their plumbing systems. Even a half-day problem in their plumbing system will cause a huge inconvenience for anyone at home. Hence, plumbers are in huge demand. To start a plumbing business, you don't need an office to start with. All you need is to gain the contract of an apartment or two or some commercial contracts with businesses, and you are well set.

2. Vehicle Repair (Mechanics)

Starting a vehicle repair business is a good choice if you are passionate about repairing cars and two-wheelers. You don't need to own the place, but you can rent a place for your garage business. All you need is the right tools for the repairing process and some helper guys to help with the vehicle repair services.

3. Tailoring Business

Providing tailoring services is another rewarding business as you can even start running the business as you can start with a single sewing machine from your home. Stitching charges may vary based on the design, as stitching a school uniform can be charged up to Rs.500 and Rs 100-150 for a blouse etc. One needs to undergo proper training and get certified to become a full-fledged tailor.

4. Barber Shop

Another great business idea in our list of the Business Ideas For Men In India is starting a barbershop in India. If you are proficient in hair styling and grooming and have the investment to start a small shop, it will be a profitable business. With the pandemic and lockdown, hair stylists' needs grew rapidly, and mobile hairstylists were in great demand.

5. Home Cleaning Services

While most working-class people are occupied with their work, they don't find enough time to clean their house. Even though many have maids for certain purposes like vessel washing and house cleaning, but the entire house may not be cleaned. Hence, a house cleaning service is excellent for making money by finding the right set of customers and offering a professional cleaning service.

6. Corn Roasting

Another great business idea for men in India is starting a corn roasting business. People like to enjoy hot corn at the mall, beaches, or public places in the evening. The corn roasting business doesn't require any major investment as all you need is a tricycle, a stove, and some corns to get started with a business. If you find the perfect location, who is stopping from owning multiple corn roasting shops.

7. Crafts Making

You don't need to know crafts making to open a craft-making business. Many people in rural areas are involved in craft making but don't have the opportunities to find the right market. You can buy the craft products from them on a sale-based commission and sell online or open a small store to sell your craft products.

8. Tattoo Artist

If you are an experienced tattoo artist, you can easily turn that skill into money. Nowadays, the tattoo culture has gained immense popularity in India, and the younger generation is particularly showing a huge interest in tattoos. If you don't have an investment to run a shop, you can create a WhatsApp group and advertise your services amongst your friends and families.

9. Food Catering Services

The food and hospitality segment is always a profitable business. However, the food catering services are demanding as you need a lot of stamina and work under heavy pressure. The success of a food catering business mainly revolves around your personal reputation. If you manage to gain that, no one will stop you from expanding your business.

10. Mobile Car Wash Services

If you are restricted with less or no capital, but looking forward to starting a business of your own, then a mobile car wash business is the best option for you. To start a car wash business, you don't have extensive knowledge or training, need a vehicle and a set of regular customers.

11. Rental Services

In India, there is an event, festival or function happening 365 days a year. Hence, starting a rental business could be a good idea to earn money. You don't even need to own the equipment and furniture, but get them at rent when you receive an order. But the profits could be less unless you own the equipment like chairs, tables, canopies, music system, lighting equipment, speakers and cooking utensils etc.

12. Food Truck

The food truck business is another great opportunity to earn money in India. It doesn't mean you need to own a van to run the business by the food truck, and you can have a modified tricycle or an auto-rickshaw to start your food truck business. All you need is some investment to buy all the utensils and raw materials to start the business if you love making mouth-watering dishes.

13. Selling Recharge Card

Mobile phones are selling like hot cakes in India, and every day you can see new brands being introduced. With the growth and popularity of mobile phone usage in India, so does the aspect of selling recharge cards, even in grocery shops. People using a phone need to recharge it for calls and data usage. Hence, selling recharge cards is a good idea for a small business.

14. Tutoring Services

If you hold a degree and are passionate about teaching, you can start a tutoring services business. Either you can start taking tuition from your home or take online tuition classes. You take classes for a single subject or multiple subjects based on your educational background.

15. Used Books Selling

Not everyone has the budget to buy new books, and hence, they opt for old or second-hand books. Selling second-hand books is a lucrative business as you can buy those old books at a cheaper rate and sell them for a profitable price.

16. Photography Services

Do you know that a hobby can earn you money and become a profession? Yes, if you are passionate about photography, why not convert it into a money-making business. The only equipment you need is a high-profile camera, and the rest depend on your photography skills. You can get associated with a video services company to fulfil their photography jobs.

17. Freelance Content Writing

If you don't have the money to invest in a business, freelance content writing is one of the best small business ideas to start with. All you need is a laptop, the internet and the skills to write engaging content across various niches like article writing, blog writing, website content writing, press releases etc.

18. Lawn Care and Gardening Services

Lawn care and gardening services are a fast-growing market that provides great opportunities for small businesses to earn money. The business offers a lot of specializations like organic gardening, edible planting, natural pesticides etc.

19. Flower Selling

The next idea in our list of the Business Ideas For Men In India is flower selling. The flower business is one of the most profitable businesses in India, as the craze for fresh flowers is tremendous. As a small business owner, you can make profits up to 40-50% in this business.

20. Breakfast Joint

Metro cities are home to young working men and women who migrated from smaller towns. Hence, most of them live in hostels and rented rooms, and this is why a small breakfast joint can be a great idea to make huge profits. As long you serve delicious food items, customers will regularly queue up at your joint.

21. Toy Shop

Starting a toy shop in your neighbourhood is a great idea to start a small business. It also requires limited capital as you don't even need a shop to sell your items. You can use the pavements in busy areas like shopping malls or other areas to make a profit from selling your toys.

22. Juice Parlour

People are growing health-conscious and look forward to healthy foods and fresh juices to fulfil their vitamin and protein quota for the day. Hence, starting a fresh juice parlour is always a great idea to start a small business and make profits.

23. Photocopying & Printing Shop

Starting photocopying and a printing shop is a great small business idea if you set up shop near a school, college or a government office. Even though it needs some investment to buy all the equipment, you can see profits in no time.

24. Water Delivery Business

Another great business idea in our list of the Business Ideas for Men in India is starting a water delivery business in India is not as tough as it seems, as all you need to do is tie-up with a water supplier and have a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler to deliver the water cans. Once you have a wide customer base, you can make profits up to 20-30% per water can.

25. Mobile Garage Service

With the pandemic and the lockdown, mobile garage service has gained huge popularity. All you need is a vehicle and the right tools to repair the vehicle.



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