How to make money as a reseller in India in 2023

It is interesting to know that India offers the widest range of options and space to resellers. Reselling is a great business idea to make money in your spare time. 

Once you develop the basic understanding of the concept, extending your side business to something more gets easier.

So how exactly can you start working as a reseller?

Well, the online world offers it all. The internet is such a blessing that you can resell your products by using any legitimate reselling app.


To give you a basic idea, here is how you get started:

  • Decide which products you want to resell, such as cosmetic or clothing

  • Pick up a legitimate reselling app

  • Get the training programs offered by the app

  • Choose high margin products

  • Start promoting your service


Here in this write-up, we will cover the aspects mentioned above about becoming a reseller in India. It would help you gain a clear insight while clearing various doubts about reselling.


Who is a Reseller?

Before getting started, let's have a brief about a reseller.

A reseller is anyone who purchases products to resell rather than own consumption. When we talk about the online world, affiliate marketing is a decent example of reselling.

Wholesalers, too, are considered as resellers since they purchase products from the manufacturer and sell it further in the market; they do so to gain margin profit on each sale.

As the chain proceeds further, the product's price sees hype from the manufacturer until the customer.


Starting as a Reseller

A. Getting Started with Picking up the Products to Sell

When you want to resell, you need to pick up products to resell. Almost every product that is practical can be resold.

You, as a reseller, can choose an evergreen product or a product that is in trend. You need to feel confident about the product you choose. 

Here are a few examples:

#1 Clothing Business

Clothing is a great option for reselling since it provides endless options. For men, women, offspring, clothing is more than a need.

Nowadays, when clothing is about fashion statement, the demand of the consumers is enormous. Hence picking up the apparels that are in demand makes you win half the battle of reselling.

#2 Pet Supplies

Pet supplies is another niche that offers enormous types of products for pets. People love to own a pet now more than ever. Those who have an emotional connection with pets and those with PTSD and similar issues give significance to having a pet.

There is so much to rely on, from a pet's bathing toys to its hygiene products and foodstuff. There are not just cats and dogs, but rodents and fishes too can be chosen as the niche for reselling the supplies. 

#3 Cosmetics

Cosmetics beautify a person, and hence they would always be in demand. This is a category with which a reseller can never go wrong.

There is so much more to offer to consumers, such as millions of products for the skin itself. Then there are millions of others as just hair products.

One can begin like a reseller by choosing any one segment, such as reselling only skincare products and hair care products, before expanding your boundaries.

There is a whole ocean of categories in which you can do reselling. Antiques, art, handbags, perfumes, refurbished technology are just a few examples.

B. Reselling Apps To Get Started

Just like there are endless products to resell, there are hundreds of apps that make reselling possible. One doesn't fit everyone, and that is why you should explore all your options before finalizing a reselling application. Here are a few of them:

1. Meesho 

Meesho is one of the popular ones, which is amazing to earn some extra money. Resellers just need to choose from the long list of products and add those products to your collection. 

The end part is all about sharing your collection with friends and people. The more traffic you get on your platform, the more chances of earning are there.

2. Cartlay

Another great option to start as a reseller with. Here you don't have to give even a penny from your pocket. To get started, you just need to install their Android app; lacs of resellers are already there, and the platform is getting bigger day by day.

3. ResellMe

One can find a large variety of goods to resell where hundreds of brands are registered. From signing you up as a reseller to making your first delivery, the platform guides you in every possible way.

Some more apps to try:

  • SHOP 101



  • eBay

  • Hiboss

Remember that each of the reselling applications offers their training programs. There are training videos, and by watching them, you get an idea about the whole reselling process on the platform.

C. Choosing High Margin Products

"Margin" is the word that a reseller should be careful about while choosing the product.

The higher the margin is, the more profit you make.

So what is "Margin" exactly?

Margin is the amount that lies between the cost of an item and the selling price of that item. So if you purchased an item for 2500 INR and sell it for 2700 INR, you make a margin of rupees two hundred which is your profit.

However, you can't set a high price for your products just like that. If you do, it is more likely not to make any sales since many more sellers would be selling the same product for lower prices.

So how are you supposed to earn more profit margin?

If you take care of a few points while choosing the product, there are more chances to bring you a nice profit when the product gets sold.

#1 Profitability

While choosing and selling any product, ensure you earn a profit. After all, it is the main reason why you are reselling the products.

A good reseller always calculates the reselling platform fee, packaging and shipping costs, and the cost of marketing the products.

Based on all these prices, the seller decides the product's final price, which should not be higher than other average sellers. You can always use platforms like eBay and Amazon to know the approx. Price of the products.

#2 Competition

As being a novice in the field, you should always choose the product having low competition. If some product is trending, it means there will be lots of sellers selling it. 

This would lessen your chances of selling since you are new and inexperienced, unlike them.

So try to implement your selling strategy on a product that has low competition.

#3 Size & weight

Always choose a product that is light in weight and small in size. The item should not weigh more than 2kg, and it should be small enough to fit in a small box. This way, even if you are shipping internationally, this would cost you less, and there would be fewer chances of it getting broken during shipping.

#4 Seasonality

Since some products are only seasonal such as Halloween costumes and Christmas gifts. As a new reseller, you should not resell such products. It is best to sell products that can run all year long, increasing your chances of getting sold more.

D. Promotion of your Service

Promotion is the most important aspect of your reselling program. Without it, no one is going to know about your product or services.

There are a whole lot of options to promote or advertise your products. The online world itself offers lots of opportunities. Social media is a great example of that. Social platforms offer price-friendly and convenient ways to send your voice to millions out there.

Facebook ads, for example, are a great option for novice resellers. You can promote the product there even for a day.


The best part of becoming a reseller is that you don't have to keep things in stock or manage inventory. Upon the request of a buyer, you resell the goods by contacting the original provider.

These days when virtual jobs are trending, and everyone dreams of earning money while sitting at home, reselling is a great option to try. Start reselling the products now; it doesn't even take half an hour to set things up.

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