40+ Best Instagram Niche Ideas that are profitable In 2023 (Updated)

Are you also willing to make money by building an Instagram theme page? So why wait? Influencers are earning thousands of dollars through Instagram pages. 

The most common doubt that people have is, how much do Instagram influencers make? Well, the amount you are going to earn depends on a variety of factors. As much as it depends on your efforts and dedication it also depends on the niche you are within.

The niche that you are working in will define the competition you will be up against and how much money you can potentially make. So let us discuss some of the best Instagram niches which will make you potential income.

Some highly profitable Instagram niches for 2023

  1. Traveling

    Who doesn’t love to travel around, right? Out of interest, people often look up to explore different places to understand different cultures and traditions. So, if you are also a travel freak, do consider building a travel-themed Instagram page. Once your page starts growing, you can post affiliate links to various tours. You can also create your tourism website, mention it in your bio and promote it through your own Instagram page. 

    Example Accounts include @travelrealindia, @travelandleisureindia and many more. You can also add some hashtags like #travelling, #travel, #travelgram, #traveladdict, etc. to make your post more eye catchy.

  2. Beauty

    There is a lot of affiliate marketing that can be done in the beauty niche. There is also a ton of opportunity for you to set up your own online store with a variety of beauty products like makeup, skincare products, hair care products, and a lot more like these that might help your business grow. You may check these amazing profiles like @makeupforever, @parulgargmakeup and @popxobeauty for more understanding. You may also use hashtags like #beautyandcare, #makeupnow, #beauty tips, etc.

  3. Fashion

    Nowadays fashion is not only about looking glamorous but also about expressing your personality through it. 

    So, if you are interested in fashion then you can experiment a lot around it and create a variety of content. Once you have attracted the audience then you can post the links of your store or affiliate link for people to buy the outfit from those links. Some Top fashion profiles on Instagram include @komalpandeyofficial, @kompalmattakapoor, @thatbohogirl, @siddharth93batra and many more.

  4. Food

    We all know how crazy and passionate people are when it comes to food. If you are someone like that who enjoys making delicious miracles, then get a food-themed Instagram page. Put up some amazing recipes on your page and some quick-cooking tips and keep your audience engaged. Then you can easily market a variety of kitchen appliances, food products, etc.

    You may also add pictures of food that you come across in different cities and places as a part of your exploration. Some trending accounts are @delhifoodwalks, @sanjeevkapoor, etc. Hashtags that go along with food pasts are #foodie, #delicious, #ilovefood, #yummy, etc.​​​

  5. Lifestyle

    It’s very amazing to have a lifestyle-themed Instagram page because you have a huge variety of products to market. You get creative freedom and can post about any and everything. You can also use your page to create awareness about a social issue or for any social cause. A lifestyle page is always worth the effort. Have a look at these amazing profiles to get a better idea - @onmyteatoday@indian_traditional_lifestyle etc.

  6. Fitness

    The fitness niche is quite attractive because there are a million things you can do. You can sell different gym apparel and sell different supplements through affiliate marketing. Most importantly you will find a large number of followers since there are numerous people who are inclined well towards fitness. You can create your workout plans and guides and sell those to people through your page.

    Being an evergreen niche, it will always be popular because people are looking to get healthy and get in shape. Example Accounts - @taneja.gaurav, @banij, and others. Popular hashtags include #fitness, #fitnessmotivation, #fitnessmodel, etc.

  7. Health

    Health as a niche has a variety of sub-niches. We are just using health as more of an umbrella term. In this niche, there are a variety of products that you can market like body care products, dietary supplements like multi-vitamins, malt-based drinks, skincare products, etc. 

    You may create posts that are health related and that help in spreading importance of health and other related aspects to the audience. Accounts like @healthifyme and @healthians are very good examples. Use hashtags like #health, #healthiswealth, #mentalhealth, #healthy to make your post more attractive.

  8. Mom influencer

    Pregnancy and being a mom are a very critical stage in a woman’s life. This stage gives you goosebumps, excitement, pressure, and a lot of such mixed emotions that you might not be able to comprehend. So, if you go out on your Instagram, become a mom influencer, and help all the soon-to-be moms with their pregnancy stage. how nice it would be, right? You can also help them by providing links to different products that can be useful during pregnancy and get your market on as well!

  9. Parenting

    Parenting is always fun. Along with joy and excitement becoming a parent brings a lot of responsibilities with it as well. If you are a parent and have precise experience with parenting, why not help the other parents with your experiences. Help them by providing links to the best products like toys, nursing products, disposable diapers, etc.

  10. Business

    Business is also a good niche to work on. In business, you get the freedom of thought, creativity, and expression so more people are getting inclined towards it. But you can’t just run a successful business without proper guidance, right? So, if you are keen on carrying out business ideas, you can create a business page and sell your business learning courses to the public.

  11. Stock market

    Rather than just depositing the amount you save, invest it into the stock market to double it up. Once people understand this and start investing in the stock market, they are going to need some guidance. So, if you are interested in the stock market go out and help those people with your paid courses.

  12. Trading

    Trading is very interesting and beneficial to do. But it's not easy to trade without having any knowledge about it. So, if you have profound knowledge in trading, help out people by posting regular content on your page, launching trading courses also by launching e-books.

  13. Startup News

    Indian people being innovative, there are a lot of startup ideas coming up. It's just that these ideas need your support by raising funds for them. So, you can take an initiative and get the startup ideas in front of people by posting news articles on your Instagram page. Once your page builds up, you can earn through paid posts and paid shout-outs.

  14. Photography

    Instagram is the best place to start, whether that is to gain more followers, get more people to see your work, or have companies hire you. Instagram has a lot of scope to grow your photography career as Instagram itself is about posting photos so you will get engagements easily on this platform.

  15. Pet Animals

    Pet niches are always interesting and eye catchy since mostly people love to have pets. Having a pet niche Instagram can also help in generating income. Here, the first way is affiliate marketing. A good way to do affiliate marketing is to sign up for programs like chewy.com, BarkBox, etc. Another way is drop shipping. You can set yourself a Shopify store or website anything that you want and put products in there related to the type of animal your page is around. Another way you can earn is through paid shout-outs. 

  16. Music

    Music has healing power. Music is close to a human’s heart because it has an emotional touch to it. So, it would be very easy to grow a music page on Instagram.

  17. Dance

    People are on Instagram most of the time primarily for entertainment. And we all know that dance is a great medium of entertainment. So if you are a good dancer then you can post your dance reels, or dance tutorials and get amazing recognition along with many engagements.

  18. Jewellery

    If you have a jewelry store and you wish to expand it, Instagram is the best platform for you to do so. So, post some amazing content of styling different jewelry with different outfits and promote your store or your brand.

  19. Accessories

    Accessories make any outfit look elegant and beautiful. It enhances the look of your outfit and makes any simple outfit look stylish. So, if you are also someone who loves to accessorize, get up and bring up your accessorizing ideas in front of the world.

  20. Crafts

    Craft is also an engaging niche to work on. In the beginning, you can post creative content like making home decor stuff from scratch and get views.

  21. DIY

    The DIY videos and the DIY content in themselves are very interesting. Also, it requires a very creative perspective to create such content. People are genuinely curious to try out the DIY hacks. So, this niche also gets a good amount of engagements from the masses.

  22. Memes

    If you post some creative and humorous jokes on your Instagram meme page regularly then you can get good growth. People love memes as it’s the best way to lighten up one's mood. So, if you want a fast growth of your page then go for a meme page!

  23. Motivational quotes

    This is considered to be the most profitable niche, also a niche with good competition. Posting motivational content means you are helping people to grow in life, build a good personality and earn money. You can monetize it by converting this content into a paid course which can get you an amazing amount.

  24. Cryptocurrency

    Cryptocurrency has become an important aspect of the finance industry. People nowadays are highly interested in crypto. So if you have profound knowledge of crypto then you should think about having a cryptocurrency theme page.

  25. Gardening

    In the period of the pandemic, people have suffered through mental health issues. So, during this period, people began gardening to be one with nature. So, if you also love gardening then start creating content around it and help people make lovely gardens.

  26. Sarees

    Sarees have a magical, elegant look to them. People still love experimenting with the saree look. So, if you are also someone who loves sarees, draping them in different ways and styling them, then do create amazing content involving the beauty of sarees.

  27. Beard & Hairstyles

    Well, not only women but men also love to keep themselves presentable. So come on guys, create some amazing content regarding different hairstyles and products you can use to maintain a tip-top, perfect beard.

  28. Online dating

    Online dating has become a trend in today's world. People who are single are interested to explore and meet new people. So, you can post some content like dating tips, how to impress your date, and stuff revolving around this and after that, you can start putting links to various dating apps or various products that one can gift.

  29. Relationship advice

    The people who follow relationship and couple accounts are in a relationship. This means there are certain days when you need to buy your special somebody a little something special. This is super good for affiliate marketing or setting up your Shopify store.

  30. Astrology

    We all feel curious to get some insights into our future right? So, if you have astrological knowledge then you can promote your skills over your astrology-themed Instagram page.

  31. Tarot

    Tarot is also a way of giving people insights into their future. But the fact that the tarot has a pack of cards makes it more interesting. So, use your knowledge of tarot and build creative content around it.

  32. Psychology

    The human mind is the most marvelous thing ever made. So, it is always interesting to know about how a human thinks. Thus, if you create a psychology-themed page then you will surely get more engagements.​​​​​​​

  33. Interior design

    If you are an interior designer and you want to start your business or freelance, then Instagram is the best platform to work with. You can give insights into your amazing work on your page, or the interesting design plans that you have created and mention your business email in your bio. ​​​​​​​

  34. Baking

    People love to bake something special for their loved ones. So, if you are also a fan of baking, get some ingredients and a camera and help them to shower their special ones with love.​​​​​​​

  35. Gaming

    The gaming niche has a very bright future ahead. You can do gaming live streams and post them on your gaming page. Once you put effort and create engaging content, you can ask for paid shout-outs and promotions.

  36. Tech and gadgets

    A niche that caters to technology and gadget enthusiasts. From smartphones to gaming laptops, tech and gadget influencers create content about the latest gadgets, product reviews, and comparisons.

  37. Startup News

     An Instagram niche that provides followers with the latest startup news, funding rounds, and industry trends. Influencers create content on how startups can raise capital, grow their businesses, and succeed in a competitive market.

  38. Entrepreneurship

    A niche that focuses on entrepreneurs and startups. Influencers in this niche provide motivational content, offer business advice, and share their success stories to inspire and educate aspiring entrepreneurs.

  39. Home decor

    An Instagram niche that focuses on interior design, home decor, and furniture. Influencers create content on home design, DIY projects, and interior decorating tips.

  40. Personal finance

    A niche that provides followers with financial advice, budgeting tips, and investment strategies. Influencers in this niche educate their audience on how to manage their money, save, and invest wisely.

  41. Art and design

    An Instagram niche that focuses on art and design. From graphic design to fine arts, influencers in this niche create content on art trends, art exhibitions, and design inspiration.

  42. Luxury lifestyle

    A niche that showcases luxury lifestyle products, services, and experiences. Influencers in this niche share content on high-end fashion, travel destinations, and luxurious experiences.

  43. Events and entertainment

    An Instagram niche that focuses on events and entertainment. From concerts to festivals, influencers in this niche create content on the latest events, entertainment news, and industry trends. They also share their experiences attending various events and offer recommendations to their followers.



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