25 Online Business Ideas You Can Start on the Side in 2023

Are you thinking of starting a business online? Would you like to have a side income? So you have clicked at the right place. Who doesn’t like side income? If you earn extra bucks you can pay your bills, upgrade yourself, a gift to loved ones, and many more. Want to know about business ideas? Don’t worry, we got you updated about the 25 online businesses you can start without any investments, and without quitting your 9-5 jobs. But, if everything has advantages then it will also have some disadvantages. First, let's discuss the advantages and disadvantages of online business, then we will talk about business ideas. 

Advantages of starting online business

  • Low investments: You can start it at any age even with low or zero investments. 

  • Flexibility: Online business provides flexibility. You can work at night as a night owl or you can work early in the morning. It totally depends on you. 

Disadvantages of starting online business

  • Requires efforts: Online business is not a one-day thing. It requires time, effort, little knowledge, and marketing skills. 

  • Diversified competition: The competition is much more in the internet world. Everyone is providing services, you need to stand out of the crowd. For this, you have to think out of the box. 

So, update yourself with some online business ideas. 

1. Blogging 

Blogging is one of the best ways to start earning online without any investment. It has unlimited growth potential. You just need to create high-quality content and engaging blog posts with consistency. Decide on your target audience and start creating engaging content and providing unique solutions to them. 

Use tools like Grammarly and Hemingway to improve the quality of your content. 

2. Affiliate marketing 

Nowadays affiliate marketing is one of the growing fields. Users can earn commission by the marketing of the product of some other site’s on their website or blog and generate sales. You will get paid your commission of the share for the CPA (cost per action) affiliate program. If you generate good sales of the product via your link you will get paid for that. 

3. Editing and proofreading

If you are a grammar critic and love to correct grammar and spelling errors then you are a perfect fit for this role. Freelance editors and proofreaders can be on the top list. 

4. Freelance writing 

Freelance writing has good roots in India. Select your niche and start writing. You just need to write engaging posts for the readers to hook them. Use Fiverr, Upwork, freelance, etc. to get clients. 

5. Online tutor 

If you are good at studies and you love teaching then you can earn extra income by teaching online to kids. There are so many platforms like Byju's, Vedantu, etc. where you can teach kids. 

6. Freelance graphic designer 

Graphic design(UI/UX) is very much in demand these days. Graphic design includes artistic and technical skills. Graphic designers create posters for logo design, billboards to packaging. 

7. SEO expert 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is in demand these days. You can take an online course on SEO and can become an SEO expert. The work of an SEO expert is to test, analyze, and change a website so that the website can optimize for search engines. 

8. Virtual assistant 

If you are an organized person and love to work behind the scenes then you are the perfect fit for this business. Virtual assistants provide remote assistance to busy professionals and entrepreneurs. 

The work of a Virtual Assistant is to schedule meetings, manage social media accounts, handle phone calls, and much more. 

9. Youtuber 

According to studies, Youtube is the second most visited website after Google. You can create any type of video content for people to watch. Once you reach significant subscribers and viewers on Youtube you can earn a handsome amount. 

10. Digital marketing 

By using the digital platforms and digital technologies available on the internet you can market various products through digital marketing. If you are good at marketing this can be a great source for you. Once you start working as a digital marketer for small businesses then you jump in big companies and the side hustle will turn into your full time. 

11. Web developer 

Love developing and designing websites and have good knowledge of coding? Then you can start working as a freelance web developer.

12. Fitness expert/Instructor 

Covid came with an opportunity for the fitness freak as gyms were closed and business shifted online and is on the boom till date. If you are a fitness freak you can become a fitness expert by posting fitness tips and videos on social media.

13. Podcasting 

Have you heard of a podcast? The way they enhance knowledge is cool. You can do the same by possessing the knowledge, so update it in the way of the podcast. You can record audio of novels or music and once people start downloading it you can make money from sponsers.

14. Resume writing 

If writing is a hobby, you can also go for resume writing. It is actually getting a lot of recognition from the graduates and professionals who hire resume writers. 

15. Online Technical support 

It’s a game of communication skills. If you have a knowledge of technical things and are good with communication skills you can totally go with technical support as a side business. 

16. Designing book cover 

The proverb “Don’t judge a book by its cover” is a myth. People do judge a book by its Cover, they always do. Nowadays people are becoming authors and writers. Designing book covers are very much in demand and if you have great design in mind you can make money from it.

18. Social media influencer 

If you have significant numbers of followers on social media then it is the best way to earn without any investment. You just need credibility on social media in your Industry. Agencies and businesses approach social media influencers to market their Services or products. 

17. Online dance tutor 

If you love hopping around, start your online dance classes on any social media platform. Start uploading your short dance videos for your audience and teach the basic steps of the dance. You don’t need to be an expert or professional dancer for this. Just be better than your targeted audience. 

18. Online cooking classes 

If cooking is your hobby and you know how to do it correctly, you can help many others to have delicious food. If you have a treasury of recipes, you can take online classes. 

19. Online Book reviews

If you are a bookworm or a bookish person or you love to read then this is a perfect side business for you. Become a freelance review writer and start writing the reviews for the book. 

20. Social media manager 

Imagine getting paid for using social media sounds exciting right? This is the work of a social media manager- to handle the day-to-day activities of the social media accounts of companies or celebrities. 

21. Online course 

If you are good at something, create an online course for it. Be it photography, editing, essay writing, or anything else. Create an easy and informative online course using audio and video content. Promote your course on other platforms or by affiliate marketing. 

22. Language translator 

If you know different languages you can work as a language translator. Organizations looking for a language translator to translate content. You can work as a mediator for communication between organizations. 

23. Online music classes 

“Gateway to our soul” is the power of music. People are more likely to listen to music when they feel low or tired. This is where your voice can make a huge impact on people. If you are trained in music you can start training other people on any of the social media platforms like youtube, Instagram, etc. 

24. Online Yoga teacher 

After covid-19, people become more conscious of their health. People are looking forward to a Yoga teacher to maintain a healthy life. This is where a Yoga guru comes in. If you are fit and have some knowledge about yoga, you can become an online Yoga teacher. You can earn a decent amount of money from this side business. 

25. Online Transcript 

Online transcription means converting audio files into text files. Online transcription does not require any previous experience and investment, basic knowledge is enough. You just need a keen ear and be good at typing. This is all you need to become an online transcriptor. Your income depends on how many files you are delivering to the clients. 


The Internet is rapidly growing into homes and offices. There are countless business ideas on the internet. The listed ideas are some of them. If you want to start an online business for yourself you just need a laptop, an internet connection, and some skills. This is where your side hustle begins.

Just try to find your talent and choice to start a side business. Sometimes, you can make side hustle as your full-time job. So, make the right choice for yourself. Choose the business which truly excites you. When you are passionate about the work you are doing, you can do it more persistently and you keep going in your tough times.

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